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Talent Buying

Houston Productions works nationwide with casinos, fairs, festivals, and theatres finding the right act at the right price.  With our vast network of industry relationships we will build a strong entertainment program for you.

VIP Special Events

We know how important your VIP’s are and we know they should be rewarded with special events just for them from time to time.  We will bring you the best in special event entertainment whether it be a big name act in a more intimate setting or a unique package ranging from hypnotists to psychics to magicians or mentalists.  Houston Productions will make sure your Very Important People are well entertained.

Stage Sound & Lights

Production can be very costly.  Houston Productions has worked with Stage and Production companies nationwide and will assist in evaluating your current arrangements or help you secure new relationships as needed.

Ticketing Partners

As with Production, we have worked with many ticketing companies nationwide and will assist in evaluating your current arrangements and help you secure new relationships as needed.

Venue Addendum Development

We recommend venues have an informational addendum that represents your best interests and is part of the contracting process for shows.  We have helped create many of them and know the basics very well.  We will work with your legal department so you have the best representing document possible.

Show Production

We will create a custom show for any venue where that show does not exist or needs to be presented in a different way. We will also put creative packages together of name artists for a multi-act billing.   From our vast experience, we also assist in the fine tuning of any show we like so the product is always the best it can be.

Employee Training

There are many intricate parts that need to work in harmony when it comes to putting on a show.  We have assisted many venues over the years to help new and existing employees understand the tasks and work well with each other so each show runs as smooth as possible.

Venue Marketing

Marketing and advertising are key for a successful show.  We have several outside partners that can help to assist in reviewing your venue’s strategies and social media plans to help insure each campaign is a successful one.

Artist Promotions

We will always make sure you have the most up to date marketing materials on an artist and will also assist in other areas such as coordinating radio call-ins and working to be sure the artist is promoting your show as much as possible from their website to their social media resources.

Entertainment Workshops

Houston Productions does several entertainment workshops annually at regional and national marketing, gaming and non-gaming conferences.  We think it is important to pass on our knowledge and experience to venue personnel to improve their programs which we do thru our workshops as well as thru Indian Gaming Magazine articles.

Marketing Workshops

Through our partner Raving Consulting, Houston Productions is the preferred presenter of marketing workshops from an entertainment perspective.  Our workshops take us to all regions of the country.

Artist Representation & Management

We are not like a booking agency which houses a long list of artists that need to be booked.   We will selectively consider representing or managing an artist from time to time based on their market value.

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